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Software Development:
A Collaborative Journey

Software development should not be a solitary endeavor.
People have diverse preferences
some thrive in traditional office settings,
while others are inspired by the world around them.
Software development offers the flexibility of remote work,
but it need not be isolating.

Accessibility is key to software development.
Everyone has a unique learning style,
and software education should be adaptable
to accommodate these differences.

Image 1 logo for core values
Image 2 with a paragraph about our core value: Family comes first no matter what. We don't belive that our families should be sacrified for the sake of our career
Image 3 with a paragraph about our core value: Human Dignity Every person is valuable beyond worth no matter their personal beliefs, ethnicity social economic status upbringing religion political view
Image 4 with a paragraph about our core value: BGS works to make the community prosper, from the local level, state, federal, and global levels too.


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"I broke into the programming world with a college course using Visual Basic to make a game. After getting hooked, I signed on at a small start-up. I was on a team that created a media platform ready for BETA testing within 4 months. I've worked on apps that have made multi-million dollar revenue including admin portals, KPI dashboards, CRMs, server side data processing, and mobile POS apps.
Technical experience, For fellow developers. I've professionaly worked with AngularJS and Angular 6-16, .NET/.NET Core, Xamarin, Laravel, and Symfony. Generally, I believe that the stronger the type system of a language the better. But that also depends on what you are writing code for. If it's for the browser then flexibility is key. But server side code doesn't need room for ambiguity. Javascript is a great tool for manipulating the DOM, but I wouldn't rely on JS/ Node as a server-side language. I still struggle with PHP, 'Is this thing an object or an array?'
I would NOT be upset if Rust and WASM, plus a little JS to keep doing 'getElementById' things, took over the Web-development field."

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Ferry Mallari (Dev + Designer)

“Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life” Confucius.

This qoute will always be with me. There's not a lot of people that would have the same situation but I hope someday they will. I get to enjoy my work. I love how I can see my clients/customers smile or react whenever I show them my work and how they envision it come to life. It's pure joy. I put 100% of my time and effort in all my work, from creating simple logo to building website interface.
I am an Information Technology graduate. Majored in Multimedia and Computer Animation. I used Photoshop and Illustrator to create my work and edits. AfterEffects and Premier for video editing. Logo

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